The Best Solar Grills 2021

Solar Grills The new ECO way

Solar grills are relative new in the market and are currently fighting to get their space in the BBQs world.

Best solar grill bbq

What are the advantages of a Solar grill?

Solar grills are here to stay. You may think that the biggest problem with these barbecues will be the lack of sun but no. Usually all those models with the exception of some that only work with mirrors and sunlight are hybrid. If the sun is gone then you can plug them the car or at home and also you can use the solar panels if extra power is needed.

There are few different models and the reviews are not bad. There are around some big models but looks like still need some more time to come out. Those grills are just perfect for a camping or for a day out.

What types of Solar grill exist?

There are some different types and shapes of solar grills. But the basic 2 are the one that with tube and the one with mirrors that concentrate the sun light. This last option that usually looks like a parabolic have been around for much longer than the tube one. Since long a go in Thailand they use a large wall of nearly 1,000 movable mirrors to grill the food.

Pros and Cons of Solar Grills

Solar grills are light, easy to carry and relatively easy to clean. You don’t need charcoal or any other fuel to make it work, just open it, face the sun and enjoy you day with friends and family.
As a cons I would say that there are just in the phase 1. The cooking space is very reduced so you wont feed a hungry family with one of those. Also the cooking times are much longer than any standard grill. It could be more than an hour to cook some vegetables.

Also you wont be able to use it every time and every season of the year. It could work with a partial cloudy days and some manufactures are very confidents that could work with no sun light at all. You can also connect it to the power but then all the magic of cook with the sun is gone. It is handy and fun to use so it could be a good option also as a plan B.

As a last point, forget abut the classic barbecue taste but you will be a more eco friendly person. I would say that it could be a good kitchen utensil as veggie cooker aside of a proper grill or as an alternative cooker.

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