Royal Gourmet CD line charcoal grill

Royal Gourmet CD 1824A

Another popular charcoal grill from this brand.

Royal Gourmet CD line review 2021

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill is a good option?

Also in this case the value for money relation makes the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill on of the most popular smoker out there. It is economic (not to easy to build), to use and to clean. There is just an small parenthesis there as some costumers complaint about some difficulties to put all together. But keep in mind that Royal Gourmet also have a very good customer support that can help you at any stage if you are stuck.

This is another cheap charcoal grill from this company but be carful there, cheap doesn’t really means that is bad grill. We are talking about a durable build, adjustable charcoal pan, front door with cool touch handle, with easy access for stoking coals or adding charcoals during cooking.

Have a large cooking space with 598 square inches of cooking surface that will allow you to easily cook up, chicken, burgers, and much more. Another good feature is the easy-lift charcoal pan adjustment system for heat control and cooking flexibility. It come with a lid mounted temperature gauge and adjustable dampers each on left and right side.


  • Porcelain Wire Cooking Grates: Porcelain coated and split wire cooking grates.
  • level Adjustable Charcoal Pan: Six levels for adjust the height of the charcoal, controlling the temperature conveniently so that you can cook at about any temperature that you would like.
  • Temperature: It comes with thermometer in the main lid so you can control the grilling temperature.
  • Smoker vents: Adjustable dampers one on each side of the grill.
  • Access door in the front: Access door that reduce the heat loss.
  • Bottle opener: Yes, it has built in bottle opener 🙂


  • Some people complain that it is not easy to put together. If you are stock at some point their customer services can help you with that or also you can find some tutorials on YouTube. But in our point of view there is not a reason to no buy it if this grill fits your needs and budget.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • The grill design makes very easy to remove the charcoal pan, so you can easily pull out and clean it.
  • Easy to storage.
  • As any other barbecue, it is advisable to use a cover to protect it from sun, rain, etc.

Warranty & Support

No all offer very often a warranty but Royal Gourmet it does. It comes with manufacturer warranty that can be requested from their customer service.

Our verdict

This is another great grill for the price. Good build, lot of features and just the perfect size that will fit even in a small terraces.