The best charcoal for grilling 2021

The best grilling charcoal tested

There is probably nothing better than the lovely smell and flavor that our charcoal left on our food. But do you know that there are many different charcoals and all of them have something to offer?The best charcoal for grilling reviewSometimes choose the right charcoal from the store and find out which one is the best for you may not be as obvious answers as you think. Choose the right charcoal have the same importance as choose the right meat for your bbq.
Don’t want to over complicate this fact so let’s say that there are 2 basic kind charcoals really. The Lump wood that is basically the pieces of real wood so is the wood in its purest form and the manufactured charcoal briquettes that you can get in a different shape.
Let’s start with Lump wood. There is a lot different types as depend on the wood been use. You can have a heavy wood or light wood. If you are going to do a long and slow cook then you must go for heavy wood. If you are going to do a quick grilling then the lighter wood is the best way to go. Another thing to have into consideration are the match light. Let’s say that there is nothing bad with match light (It is recommendable to no use it) but there is charcoal that has been pre-soaked in lighter fluid. This charcoal is obviously very easy to light but the smell and the flavor that your meet is going to get is probably not ideal. If you don’t mind that smell and that tastes that’s fine but me personally I’d avoid it.
The best Lump wood for your barbecue.

Cowboy lump charcoal

As we said before the lump wood charcoal is made off real wood that where been basically cooked very hot but not burned to death so what you get left is what’s we called char.
First let’s have a look at Cowboy lump charcoal, this charcoal is made in Mexico and have a very good review. This charcoal comes generally in some big and medium pieces and that is a good indicator. The manufacturer uses a blend of tropical hardwoods that gives you a mild smoke flavor. It is all natural and free of chemical hardwood charcoal. You can find some gravel on the bag.
Royal Oak
Royal Oak is manufactured in Roswell Georgia they’ve been around since the 50. The manufacturer also claims that there is no chemicals or additives on their charcoal so is a 100% oak charcoal.
This charcoal comes generally in a medium size pieces and there is no gravel in the bag so you are paying for what you get. Have to say that is a good charcoal but also have no so many good reviews. No idea why some people complaint about flavor but I would say, get a small back and tested yourself.

B&B charcoal

This charcoal is also made in Mexico and also have a very good review. The manufacturer claims to be hotter burning cleaner lump charcoal, made from 100% Mesquite Wood, 100% Natural with no additives or fillers and environmentally friendly (on this last one I don’t know really what they mean 😊)
You can find in the bag the typical Texas stile and some people think that is an American brand from Texas but is not is made in Mexico just like cowboy, both excellent brands. This brand has been around since 1961 and they do make a really good quality product.
They are extremely consistent with the pieces size, like B&B all medium size and some smalls. You can do all kinds of cooks with this I love being bi I use it myself I started using this year good stuff.

Jealous Devil Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Have to say very funny and original name for this charcoal but apparently really do the job. Is the best seller in some stores and have amazing reviews. The origin story begins with quality ingredients. Since day one, we’ve sourced Quebracho Blanco “axe-breaker” hardwood from Paraguay, one of the densest woods on the planet. The perfect foundation for charcoal with legendary performance.
Apparently, there are No rainforests harmed to produce this products. Jealous Devil exclusively sources wood that has already been harvested sustainably and is in compliance with all regulations. The manufacturer also actively reinvesting into their own production to reduce the carbon footprint and move towards FSC certification.
It come waterproof re-sealable bag, 100% natural and pure ultra-dense South American hardwoods with no chemicals, fillers, or scrap material. They claim to have a restaurant quality with no sparking, no popping, and low ash ideal for any grill or smoker. Mild flavour enhancing aroma enhances flavor profiles without overpowering them, whether you’re cooking whitefish or brisket and you can use it alone or blend with your favourite wood.

Our conclusion about those charcoals

All above are good charcoals all of them light and burns very quick and all of them smell lovely. After almost hour and 20 min there all still cooking. All the above brands still conserve a very high temperature compared with other brands.
B&B, Cowboy, Royal Oak and Jealous Devil have something in common, there all burn for long time so we will have to move on other characteristics like flavor and price. Will keep an eye on others charcoals in the next days but I would highly recommend any of those on top of anyone else.