The Best Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas Grills 2021

Gas and Charcoal Combo Grill

Would you love to have both of the advantages of a gas barbecue and the taste of food prepared on a charcoal barbecue? Well, the mixed gas and charcoal barbecue is made for you.

Gas and charcoal combi grill 2021


What are the advantages of a Gas Grill?

The mixed gas and charcoal barbecue was designed for 2 main reasons:

  1. For those who cannot decide which type to buy.
  2. For those that would like to get the speed of gas with the charcoal flavour.

You can cook with charcoal (which is fun and provides a rich smoky flavour) and with gas (which is practical, quick and easy to clean).

Gas barbecues are very versatile.

If you’re looking for a better and more efficient way to grill, but you don’t want to lose the smoky flavour that only a charcoal grill can provide, then you’ll be impressed by this combo grill’s versatility. The pros of a Gas/Charcoal Hybrid Grill is that if you’re in a hurry, you can get your grill going hot within a few minutes with just a push of a button. However if you want that smoky flavor in your food then you add charcoal and voila.  Depending on the model and brand, you can use both types of fuel at the same time what is ideal.

The cons with some combo grills is that they have a special charcoal tray that you place within the firebox, right above the gas burners, so you can only use a single layer of charcoal at a time so you will need to keep replenishing your fuel to keep it hot. Apart of that is not much cons on those models if you invest in a good one.

How to choose the best combo grill?

The first thing to have in mind (no only for this model) when choosing a gas and charcoal grill combo is how big is your family and how many friends you have :). I am talking about how much food you are planning to put on. Are you going to be preparing big barbecues for numerous people? Are you that kind of person that celebrate everything with a barbecue? How much space do you have? You will need storage space? Adjustable charcoal trays for a higher level of temperature control? Rotisserie racks? Adjustable vents for smoke control? These are all things to consider before starting to shop for gas and charcoal grill.

If you’re looing for a gas and charcoal BBQ combo then have a look on one of these options and find out the one that fit for your specific needs.

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