Weber Grills and BBQs

Weber Grills and BBQs History


Weber original grill

Weber history and factory location

This is an American company located in Palatine Illinois. It was founded by George Stephen back in May 8, 1893. The first charcoal grill was built using two sheet of metal half-spheres normally used as parts of buoys built. Shortly the grill became so successful so Stephen formed the barbecue division of the Weber Brothers factory in the late 1950.
At the present Weber is a very well-known brand that manufactures outdoor electric grills, charcoal grills, gas grills and charcoal smoker’s grills. Weber work very hard to keep alive the same spirit and quality innovation in everything they do. Every year, Weber delivery millions of grills all around the world.

Weber grills products strategy

Over the years Weber continue to advance with products like Smokey mountain cooker smoker a bullet shaped smoker with unheralded durability and performance and genesis gas grill with flavor riser bars that would set the standard for all that followed. Weber commitment to innovation continues today and is evident throughout their current product line. But how Weber find out the users needs? Simple, Weber do their research based in people, based on user experience. Talking and listen to what the final user need before to add any single feature t their products.

What Material Weber use on their products?

All their grills and barbeques are made of heavy gauge stainless steel or porcelain coated cast iron for exceptional heat transfer each and everyone of our full size gas grills comes with a well thought out grease management system for easy clean up and many models are available in both natural gas and liquid propane. For grilling on the go for smaller patios and balconies R. Weber Q. line of gas electric grills carries on the legacy of innovation and performance. Made with durable no rust cast aluminium bowls and plates in a variety of sizes porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates and long lasting stainless steel burners grills offer years of reliable performance. Weber also offer a life time warranty (check Weber website for more info).

Weber company statement of purpose

Grilling is Giving. This is the first phrase that you can read on Weber website. The company is deeply committed to their customers and also their retail partners. As a company they never forget what really matters. Weber believe that only the best will do there’s no room to compromise on quality it starts from the ground up with the rigorous design process thinking through every components in every detail nothing is overlooked from the smallest screw to the package in which it is shipped quality is inherent in every component of every product.

Weber don’t believe in leaving anything to chance there’s no skimping on materials only the best will do. That’s why they use only the right gauge of steel and coated with extremely durable porcelain enamel. Weber also use high quality recycled materials like car batteries for the grill wheels. Every detail matters and it’s why Weber have the most rigorous quality control measures in the industry. Every lead is examined for perfection every igniter tested every burner lets in valve inspected before it leaves the factory because it’s not good enough until Weber prove it.

Weber believe that their responsibility doesn’t stop when the grill gets to your backyard. For Weber that’s only the beginning that’s why Weber share their knowledge and advice with all customers through a their website. Also with Weber mobile applications with certified barbecue experts that are available day and night with toll free hotline to answer questions on usage in care to walk you through grille assembly tell you how to keep your grill in top shape and even give you advice on how big a Turkey you’ll need on thanksgiving.

Our Weber conclusion as a company

We think that Weber is a great American company that offer an amazing services to their costumers. They do mistakes? Yes, as many other companies around the world, but with Weber you can you simple knock the door and they will get you sorted in no time.