Weber Master Touch Charcoal Grill Review

Master-Touch Charcoal Grill 22-Inch

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Weber Master Touch Charcoal Grill Review

Let’s have a depth look at the Weber Master Touch


This model also have two little hooks on the handle to put your cooking tools and this is very handy. On our spinning wheel to open and close the vents, you’ve got a nice piece of plastic that protects from burning your hand. This is something that you wont find on Weber Original Kettle. Now you can just use your fingers because it doesn’t get hot.

Speaking of protecting from the heat, we’ve got in this model a shield underneath the handle that shields on all the new Weber kettles. These are nicer handles to on the master touch. Then, of course moving on, we’ve got our thermometer right here, it seems a little oddly place because the vents over here where the food goes underneath the vent usually. So you want the temperature where the food is and not where the charcoal is, because this part of the grill is going to be hotter there. Really the thermometer should be on this side over the food so you know what the temperature is that you’re cooking at.

In this model you have ash catcher , really easy to remove the ashes. Remember that in the Weber Original Kettle model you only have a tray. Above the ash catcher you can find the bottom vents. These model have a bigger and stronger wheels and you have a triangular tray to keep the legs in place. This model rather than have a hooks like a Weber Original Kettle have a lid holder. In my opinion I prefer the hooks but this system could be also good to stop the wind. Is also coming with a warming rack ideal for vegetables.

Gormet bbq systemSo moving on to the inside of the grill, this model have a really nice thick, heavy gauge metal that also have latches that open up so you can add in your charcoal. This model also have the gourmet barbecue system where you can add a bunch of accessories like a iron pan or pizza stone. Lot of cool possibilities with the gourmet barbecue system. Underneath you have the charcoal baskets to hold the charcoal if you need and then you have nice heavy gauge metal bottom. Then down below you have the blades. Not only do they open and close the vent on the bottom, but they wipe out your ash and this is pretty much it.


Master-Touch is a good price for a good quality

The Weber Original Kettle cost about 109 dollars and the premium goes up to 165 dollars. This model here goes for 219 and free shipping. For a bit more than 100 dollars you’re getting some of those great features like the gourmet BBQ system, the ash catcher and the piece of plastic that protects you from burning your hands when operate the vents.

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