Weber spirit 2 Liquid Propane Grill Review

Weber Spirit II E-310

Today we’re reviewing The Weber spirit 2 Burner Liquid Propane Grill.

Weber Spirit 2 Review 2021

We’re reviewing The Weber spirit 2 Burner Liquid Propane Grill.

The first fancy thing that you can have in this grill is the Bluetooth. You can check your smartphone to see what temp is on your meat.
The beauty of this grill it is very easy to use, you hit a button, and you cook your food. You also have a side table with enough storage for your pots and pans and dishes and so on. But you can also fold the side table down and it makes the grill a lot smaller and you can actually store or allocate it in a small place a lot easier.
I have had reviewed so many grills and even the stainless-steel grills rusted because not all of the grill was stainless. Still, what Weber did here was put a heavy duty high temp plastic. And what’s nice about this is you won’t get burned, it holds the heat well and it really seals in that heat so you don’t have to worry about rusting the whole front panel is stainless steel, the nozzle harder plastic so you don’t have to worry about those rusting, and the bottom tray of the grill is actually painted so Weber really had in mind keeping these things outside and not worrying about them rusting out.

Weber spirit 2 Wheels and Thermometer

This model has two plastic wheels so you can easily move the grill around.
We have 2 ways on this model to check the temp. The visual classic thermometer located in the lid (in the right place) to control you heat and the Bluetooth one. Simple download the app and the app it basically tells you what your meat temp is at. You can also set a temperature alarm and much more, is amazing.
As almost all models, the Weber Spirit 2 also added some hangers for you to hang your tools without worrying about where to put them. Something to kept in mind is that on the back of the grill we have the vents. And when you start getting that heat up and you start getting that food going, you’re going to see smoke rolling out the back. So, you don’t want to put that too close to the house or any other object that can catch on fire.
On this model we can find something amazing and is the fact that Weber make two different sizes on one same grill. Yes, Weber came up with was two different sizes. One is smaller and if you flip it over you will get a bigger size so you can cook larger pieces, say of chicken or burgers. But now you do not have to worry about smaller pieces, maybe you’re doing vegetables, so you just flip it over again and voila they won’t fall through.

Weber spirit Cleaning

The grades are extremely easy to clean. After done cooking you just take a brush and easily clean off all the grill.
Burners. It may look like you have five burners on this girl but you don’t. This grill only has three very high efficiency burners. And what’s really nice about these is that you don’t have the flame coming out the sides like you do on so many other grills so that really prevents the flame up when you have grease dripping down on these.
Below the burners you will find your grease trap. Some users review mention that put it in and out it’s just not as easy as they think it should be. Apparently didn’t slide in very well, actually is kind of a pain to get out and it doesn’t sit very good even.
Ignition. This model obviously has an igniter button and very easy to use. It lights very easily. The system it takes one, double A battery and it’s extremely easy to change out. If it ever dies on you, all you have to do is unscrew the cap and put a brand new double A in.
Safety. There’s heavy duty plastic beside the lid, If was a stainless steel grill or a grill that was made of metal entirely the whole way around, you wouldn’t be able to touch that side. Everything around this grill is extremely cold.

Weber spirit Cleaning nice features

Never run out of propane. While you are hosting a party or having people over for a bbq, you don’t want to run out of propane. The Fuel Gauge actually shows you how much you have left in the propane tank. Mounting the gas tank to the outside of the grill makes the tank easy to access and remove.

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