Weber Summit S-420 Review 2021

Weber Summit S-420 Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

Weber Summit S-420 Review 2021
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Another great stainless steel BBQ from Weber. At around $1,300, the Weber Summit S-420 is a couple notches above the Weber Genesis S-310, although they share a lot of the same features.

The S-420 has 4 stainless steel burners. It puts out 48,000 BTUs, but as I’ve said before, this number isn’t all that important. The main grilling area is 538 square inches (about 3.75 square feet) with an additional 112 square inches for the warming rack. Cooking grates are 3/8 stainless steel rods. The Genesis S-420 also features a 12,000 BTU side burner which is similar to the burners you might have on your gas kitchen range.

Burner knobs are located on the front of the grill and not the side shelf like the S-310, so you have a little more room to work with when preparing your foods. There are six hooks for your grilling tools. The S-310 also comes with a little light that attaches to the handle, making night grilling easier.

The grill cart has a storage compartment for the propane tank, but there isn’t a ton of extra space. The grill sits on heavy duty casters which can be locked in place.

Grill assembly is simple because the S-420 has a welded steel frame, so it’s almost completely put together when you receive it.

One Step Up: The Weber Summit S-470
For around $1,600, you can move up to the Summit S-470. It’s very similar to the S-420, but also includes a tuck-away infrared rotisserie system with rear infrared burner, a searing station, lighted burner knobs, and a 6,800 BTU smoker burner. The reviews I read indicate that all this stuff works pretty well, so if it’s worth an extra $300 to you, go for it.

Amazon reviews I read for the Weber Summit S-420 and S-470 were overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of one issue I talk below. Consumer Reports gave the S-470 80 out of 100. Overall, this is great stainless steel BBQ that will serve you for years to come.

While most people really seem to love this grill, the one flaw several reviewers pointed out is the way the Summit S-420 collects rainwater in the drip pan. Although this can be solved by using a grill cover, it can be a hassle to constantly pull a cover on and off, especially if you’re a frequent griller. It looks like the Weber brand cover has some issues, but the Classic Accessories Veranda cover received nothing but stellar reviews.

Height: 57.1 inches
Width: 66 inches
Depth: 30 inches
Weight: 250 lbs

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